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We’re a marketing firm out of the Dallas area. We help businesses large and small get their online presence on track! Whether a world renown woodturner or a hobbyist looking to showcase your work, our goal is to bring world class service at affordable prices. Let’s get in touch today and see how we can serve you.
1. The Audit
Find out where your social media is, where it can go & how to get there
A Royal Seal Tech social media audit will provide your company with a comprehensive look at your entire social media presence and activity and then evaluate it against your largest competitors and optimized industry examples. A key output of a Royal Seal Tech social media audit is the prioritized, actionable checklist of recommendations for you and your team that can be implemented right away.
The social media audit has three incredibly valuable functions:
1 – Develop your brand’s goals for social media marketing activities, and tie them to your bottom line.
2 – Assess the current state of affairs of your brand’s social media presence and activities.
3 – Create a comprehensive social media strategy based on facts (not whims) that will lead your brand to your established goals.
Because the findings are so invaluable, we require that each Social Media Marketing Campaign begins with a social media audit. This allows for the creation of a strategy that is then implemented for you by our leading social media experts.
2. Optimization
Our Social Media Optimization philosophy at RST elevates a business’s online presence based on three separate standards:
1. Social Search Optimization – RST does things behind the scene that allow your social profiles to pull double duty: not only do your assets market directly to the social media user, but they act as valuable search results in Google and other search engines.
2. Brand Optimization – Often ignored, this optimization type will separate successful brands on social media from the rest. Royal Seal Tech will make sure your brand is represented optimally and consistently through your content, sites and on social platforms.
3. User Experience Optimization – RST will ensure every social user has a significant and memorable experience when they visit your social profiles or accounts for the first time, second time, and every time thereafter.

3. Content Marketing
Harness. Engage. Empower. Grow. Repeat.
Now that you have crafted your message, can your audience hear it?
The heart and soul of any social media marketing effort is the content that is featured through the channels. Content marketing directs, guides, and drives the overall success of your strategy.
Without a good content marketing plan, your other social media marketing activities are pretty pointless. Content allows the average social user a way “in” by providing a meaningful connection and giving you the opportunity to ultimately continue the conversation.
Good content will influence the user to share your message and grow your social audience. Great content will convince the casual users to convert into customers.
Don’t let your audience outgrow your content.
Royal Seal Tech offers a variety of content marketing solutions for social media in the form of metrics-based analysis, expertise-evolving consulting, and strategic feedback to ensure your content plan is fresh and vital.
4. Measurements & Data
Your analytics reports. In plain English.
How is your brand doing in social? How is it REALLY doing? When you’re talking about social media performance, if you’re not talking about relevant success points, or Key Performance Indicators, there’s something wrong.
More often than not, brands find themselves relying on commoditized metrics that have no true implication on the overall social media strategy and bottom line for your product or service: Likes, People Talking about This, ReTweets, etc.
What’s the real story? Royal Seal Tech can tell you by analyzing your social user behavior against business goals to define real, actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that hold actual meaning for the brand (and give you the credit you deserve).
At Royal Seal Tech, Social Media reporting is the standard and clients receive a comprehensive KPI analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis, based on industry and practices.
And we have some awesome, dedicated staff that will give you limitless growth in your niche market.

Royal Seal Tech is incredibly reliable, with a refreshingly straight forward process


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